Hey guys, I'm new to this site and new to Android so my SamGalaxy Tab 3 8.0" (SM-T310) is all stock, no root, and all apk's are from Google Playstore. It's running v4.2.2 out of the box. I invested 2 days in installing apps and data. Randomly (either sitting idle or running a program) my tablet just blanks and goes in the reboot sequence. I know to insert the charger and press the power key for a while to stop it, but my concern is why it's doing this? I really don't want to do a hard reset and lose my folder layout, app data, in-app purchases and custom organisation etc (I've invested lots of time getting my tab set up), I've installed all the apps to try and fix this (Clean Master, Task Killer, 360 Security etc) but it still randomly does it. So my question is, is this normal? Does Android just occasionally puke and re-boot, or should I take this back (still under warranty) and exchange it for another one? Is there a possibility this is a hardware issue or can this be fixed via software issue? I always use my tablet in landscape mode, in a case, connected to my wifi network, and have a 32gb SD, so other than that, it just shut's down and reboots randomly - while sitting idle, using it, in sleep mode (charging and not). Please Help or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks