I bought a brand new Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T520, running Android Kit Kat 4.4.2. When I go to Connections, the Wi-Fi Slider is in the right (on) position, but the status just stays stuck on "Turning on..." for 3-4 minutes, then the slider will go back to the off position. I'll go to turn the Wi-Fi on again and it just stays stuck on the "Turning on..." status all over again. I've never been able to progress beyond this point.

Please see following screenshot I grabbed...

I've tried Factory Reset and updated to the latest firmware but there's no change. I've rooted the tablet in the hope of there being some way of repairing the problem with some guidance from some more knowledgeable people. It may not be relevant, but I found This solution from 2011 for older androids with the same problem and I'm wondering if it's DHCP related as the solution mentions.

Thanks for your time.