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    [REVIEW] Vaful Aluminum Alloy Touchpad Stylus

    Just received the two stylusesís that I ordered from Vaful on June 16 and I have to say that I am very impressed with them for the price that I paid. Being only $4.80 each I decided to order 2 of them setting me back only $6.00 total with free shipping and no tax. The shipping however took exactly 2 weeks since it was shipped from Japan so if you need it in a hurry your out of luck.

    Each stylus is packaged in cheap plastic with a cardboard backing that says for iPhone/iPod touch, etc.

    Now the stylus itself has a solid black aluminum body with a chrome clip and right above the rubber stylus part of the pen. The aluminum body feels sturdy and is just a tad bit thicker than your average pencil. I have never owned a capacitive stylus but the rubber end on this one seems to be fine with no quality issues that I can tell. It also hasnít scratched my device which is important. As far as overall build quality goes, the only part that feels cheap is the clip that has a fake/plastic chrome look to it. The clip has worked fine for me so far when attaching it to my SGT case.

    As far as performance goes, it does take a little bit of getting used to, but Iím assuming any stylus for these screens would be the same way. All the touches have registered with great accuracy from what I can tell. I was having some trouble with using Swype but I think thatís because it was on my Moto Droid. It was registering a lot better on my SGT then my Moto Droid. I do have an XO Screen protector on my SGT and it is working perfectly with this stylus as well if anyone was wondering.

    After messing with the stylus and different apps over my trip, it doesn't replace a good old pen and paper in my honest opinion. I found the 2 best apps were Handrite and Genial Writing and it was still a far from perfect note taking experience. Dotting the letter "i" for example doesnt always get picked up depending on the app your in. It also has a learning curve that will take some getting used to. Unfortunately, I think the best option for notes on the SGT 10.1 is a bluetooth keyboard, or just a good pen and paper.

    Overall though, for the price, you canít beat it! I got 2 of them for under $12 and am extremely happy with this purchase. This is my first review but I thought I would help anyone that was looking for a stylus. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

    Apple iphone 4 4s ipad 2 Touch 4 Touch Pen - $6.00 -
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