Hi all

Found this forum whilst trying to fathom out a discharge /charging problem with my tab s 10.5. Looks like a great source of information dedicated to the android tablet. I hope someone on the forum can help me solve this irritating problem.
Have had this SM-T800 for about 2 years. It has been used almost every day and most evenings in that time. Usually plugged in on charge whilst in use or on charge over night. All seemed OK until I updated to Marshmallow, although it may have been coincidence, I don't know?
The tablet became slow to charge, even left on overnight it would only achieve 50-60%. Then it started doing strange things like discharging when on charge from say 60-20%? Occasionally, if left on charge all day it would achieve 100%,but very rarely.
Did all the usual stuff like soft and hard reset, cleared the cache partition,disconnect and reconnect the battery etc etc. Still the same problem!
I have fitted a new battery and also 2 new usb/sd card ribbon ports. The first new usb port had a faulty sd card port. Have also renewed the charger and lead (Samsung items) Still have the same problem!
I like this tablet, but I am at the point of putting it in for repair and not knowing if they will be able to fix it or spending out and getting a new one and seeing if that will last another 2 years !
My wife has the same tablet, we bought them at the same time, hers is fine. Admittedly it hasn't been used to the extent as mine.
I would appreciate any help or thoughts on this annoying problem.
Best regards martino6153.