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    Galaxy Tab 7.0

    Angry Galaxy Tab A Streaming Video Stuttering

    I have a Galaxy Tab A6 (2016) 7" SM-T280 (which there wasn't an option to choose at registration) that has a video stuttering issue. When I stream videos, no matter what app I use (youtube, xfinity tv, netflix, etc.), the video stutters every 2 1/2 seconds for like a half second like clockwork. The videos can be watched without missing what's going on, but after 30 seconds or so it's extremely irritating.

    I have googled this issue many times over a couple of months and tried a lot of different work arounds that didn't work, including:

    Setting "Force GPU rendering" in developer mode (and several other option in this mode)
    Turning off location services
    Resetting the tablet to default factory settings (with only 1 video app to test it)

    Most of what I use the tablet for is watching something before going to sleep. The stuttering makes me upset enough that sometimes I just wanna throw it out my window. :-/

    Any suggestions?
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    Other Android Tab
    Not a very busy forum if a month goes by and no one replies. I don't know anything about the Tab 7. My first tablet was the Tab A 8.0. I certainly don't see any hiccups in any version of streaming, YouTube, Netflix, browser content, with my tab. I get a maximum of 7.0 Mb/s download from my ISP, which works fine for streaming Netflix to my TV and other devices in the household. I don't think the problem is with your information source or download speeds. It sounds typical of processor/RAM underperforming. Since you have looked everywhere for answers and tried various settings already, the only solution I can think of would be an upgraded tablet. Have you checked the various Samsung Tab 7.0 forums for similar complaints? If other people are having the same issues then I think it's a safe bet you need an upgrade. That isn't all bad. My Tab A was recently updated to Android 6 Marshmallow which was a surprise. Nice and snappy OS. Good luck.


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