Hi all
I got a Galaxy Tab A as a gift. I had been using a Galaxy Note 10.1 complete with S pen. To my horror I discovered no pen came with the Tab A. I use my tab to do art so this was not ideal. I had to use a normal universal stylus but found it difficult as the tip is too thick. So I went on a mission to find a thin stylus like the S pen. There is one available for the Tab A, but it is very expensive. I was a bit loathe to order a generic online in case it didn't work. Homework time. I discovered that different screens have different properties. The Tab A is a capacitive screen so needs a pen that emits electronic pulses. I found a pen online which was a fraction of the cost of the suggested Accupont active stylus. With fingers crossed I ordered it and it works. It is a 1.9mm fine point pen with a tough case and a USB charging cable. Charging time 1 hour and run time 4 hours. Made by Miccory. I am sure there are other pens out there, but this one really works well. I hope this helps someone as I was getting really frustrated.