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    Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Organizing Photos

    I don't understand what the problem is, or what I'm doing wrong.

    I don't like apple because I don't want to have to run a 3rd party app like iTunes to transfer files back and forth, and now I'm having problems transferring files
    back and forth with android.....I have a photo directory copied to the desktop from the S4 that I'm trying to drop onto the SD for the tab, and it's not working.
    That is to say I can drop this directory onto the SD for the tab, but when I plug it into the tab, the photos are not there, and when I pull the SD and plug it back
    into the computer, it's not there.

    And if I leave the SD in the tab and plug the tab into the desktop and try to transfer files, I get a critical stop error that says the device has stopped responding or
    has been disconnected.

    AND.....the hits just keep on coming.....I can't delete the directory from the SD card that I'm trying to drop the photos into. It tells me it's write protected......

    Everything else on the SD for the tab is accessible......except for the pictures directory.
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