2011 Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Here are the symptoms:

1) Tablet has not been used in probably a year or better. My 6 year old found it in a drawer, charged it up and has been using it for about a week to play games and watch netflix.
2) He wanted some new games, so he brought it to me to download them. Obviously, the tablet needed updates to almost every app that was already loaded, so I began that process.
3) My son took the tablet, went and placed it on a charger and brought back to me later that night saying that it wouldn't come on. I assumed it was dead. So I charged it over night and still nothing.
4) I brought the tablet to work with me today to hook it up to my computer to see what it might do. When I hook it up I get a message that says Driver unsuccessfully loaded. I went and made sure that I had the most updated drivers, but still no luck. The computer only recognizes the tablet as APX.
5) I've tried every button press suggested on the internet and nothing happens. No back light, no sound, no nothing. The only sound I can get is when it's hooked to my computer and I go through the recommended button presses, the computer beeps letting me know that it is connecting and unconnecting.

I've even taken the back off, unhooked the battery, let it sit, reconnect and still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.