Hi, I didn't see an introduction thread like some other forums I frequent, so I'll do it here before asking my question....

First off, I'm a boomer so be gentle, but I do hang out at various other forums so am used to these.

I'm in Maryland and have a smart phone, but only use it as a phone with a pay as you go AT&T account. I'm an mechanical engineer by education and work, so i am not afraid of technology.

My wife bought both of us Galaxy Tab A for Christmas. We are trying to view a movie on both Tablets at the same time.

It appears that you can do this by running the Movie on a Phone and sharing to a TV or Tablet, but we cannot find a way to do this Tablet to Tablet.

I just spent an hour on Samsung Chat and they said it can't be done, but I don't give up that easily

I've had lots of luck with things like this on other forums, (well, car related, etc) so thought I'd reach out here.

From the lack of google hits, I assume that we are the only ones in the entire universe that has ever thought of doing this.