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    Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

    Galaxy Pro 12.2 Speakers

    The speakers on my Pro 12.2 stopped suddenly stopped working yesterday. All video streaming tends to freeze up (especially YouTube), and the headphone jack doesn't work either. Bluetooth still works, and when that's connected, video streaming works just fine. I have done a factory reset, but nothing changed. Also, plugging and unplugging headphones into the jack makes the whole tablet freeze up. Any help or advice is appreciated!

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    Due to the type and number of problems - I think you should do a factory reset. Be certain to save your media off the tablet first. Too much going on that may or may not be app or cache related. When you do the reset don;t initially allow it to sync with Google. That could install and app that may be causing the problem. If you are still having speaker or headphone problems you may have a hardware issue that would call for sending it to Samsung or getting a swap from the store where you purchased it.
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