So, I wanted to enable ad hoc wifi networks, and made a small series of blunders in the attempt, ultimately overwriting the original wpa_supplicant file. My GT-P3113 now won't connect to any wifi networks. If someone could point me towards a copy of the original wpa_supplicant file, that would be amazing.

- Wifi only Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
- Model GT-P3113
- Rooted
-Currently operational, excluding wifi, which is "off" and is always "Trying to turn on."

I had attempted to use some instructions to replace the wpa_supplicant file with one that had ah hoc network support, apparently those instructions were for a different Galaxy tablet product, and the provided file didn't work with my device.
Those instructions did make a backup of my original file, but in my haste I ended up overwriting it.

Thanks to anyone who can help!