Tab 2 7.0
Just took the Android 4.04 Update
Local ISP for mail, default Android email client.
Not rooted

Everything works from the contact icon, I can hit it, hit email icon, and email (local isp email client) opens with contact name.

In contacts though, with 4.03 it showed both google mail and my local isp with dropdowns (Co-Workers, Family, Friends) even though I can launch my non google email from contacts, it only shows google mail and dropdowns now.

When I go into the default email client, everything works except when I hit the icon for write new mail and at the top it has contacts, if I hit contacts it says "Contacts has stopped"

It seems like the contacts are not linked from inside the email client (the android default one, not a 3rd party) but does link the other way, from contacts to email, in a nutshell I can launch my local isp and default email client from contacts but can not launch contacts from the contact button in the email client.

Hope this is understandable, I am very new and getting away from the apple market. Thanks for any help.

I have deleted my email account and set it up again a few times.