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    Internet Browser Problem with Full-Screen Mode

    I do not know how I did it, but Samsung's browser went into full-
    screen mode. I tapped, swiped, and pinched every which way I
    could, but I could not return to normal mode. In full screen
    mode, all controls and edit boxes are absent. So I could not
    enter the URL of any other web page. I could not access browser
    settings to change anything.

    To get out of full screen mode, I had to go to the App Manager
    and erase all the data. But then I lost all my bookmarks.

    Does anybody know a sane way to get out of full-screen mode?
    Does anybody know how I got into full-screen mode in the first

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    I have the Note 8 and not the Tab 2 but I believe the Internet browser app is the same. I'm not sure how you got to full screen mode, but go to Menu then Accessibility and see if you have the Full screen box ticked.

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    Hi again Jim,

    To be honest, I'd also recommend using a different browser - my personal favourite is Dolphin - there is a guide thread on the whole subject linked in my signature.

    All the best

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    Found it

    I've been looking for a way to view my web browser full screen, without the address bar and all that (the stuff you couldn't see anymore), and I happened upon this thread as I was Googling it. I found the solution here: Cult of Android MobileAndroid 4.0+ Tip: Quick Controls And Fullscreen Mode For Your Android Browser | Cult of Android

    In case you're leery about clicking on a link that some stranger posted, here's the text:

    This next tip is specific to Android 4.0+ and the stock Android browser (not Chrome for Android). There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to using the stock Android browser versus Chrome for Android. One advantage, many would argue, is the ability to use Quick controls. Quick controls for the Android browser were introduced in Android 4.0 and are exactly what the name implies — quick… controls.
    Quick Controls

    With Quick controls enabled, you can easily access browser features such as bookmarks, tabs, address bar, settings, and more. It removes the address bar and hides the controls for a larger, uncluttered view of webpages. To enable and access Quick controls, simply open up the Android browser, click on the menu icon (three vertical dots), choose Settings > Labs and then check off the box next to Quick controls.

    All you have to do now, is slide your thumb from left or right on any web page, and watch the Quick controls magically appear. Take your finger off the screen and watch them disappear back into the nothingness from which they came. Getting used to them can be a little tricky, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. While pretty basic in Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ll find many additional Quick control features in Jelly Bean.

    For an even larger viewing area, enable Fullscreen mode and hide the status bar — leaving nothing but rich, fullscreen, web goodness.

    It’s easy to activate and the setting is found in the same place as Quick Controls: Settings > Labs (within Android browser).

    Read more at Cult of Android MobileAndroid 4.0+ Tip: Quick Controls And Fullscreen Mode For Your Android Browser | Cult of Android
    Take care!


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