My sister and I have identical Galaxy Note 10.1's, the original, not the 2014 version. I have been able install the new Sheets app from Google that is part of Google Drive. I can access all the spreadsheets in my Drive, edit them, etc. Some of them are spreadsheets she has shared with me.

My sister is unable to access any doc in Google Drive. She has updated the Drive to the latest version, installed Sheets just as I did. When she opens Drive she can see the spreadsheets. When she tries to open one, any spreadsheet, there is a long pause, then a message that Sheets has failed, does she want to report it.

She is able to access the spreadsheets on her Note 2 phone and from her PC just fine. She has uninstalled both Drive and Sheets multiple times, cleared cache and data, restarting her tablet after each uninstall. I am out of ideas for her. I've not found anything like this specific problem either by Googling, searching the Google Help forum or on this forum.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The only thing I can think of at this point is a factory reset. She doesn't want to do that for this problem. Thanks for any suggestions.