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    Yes I did; Power+Volume gives a first screen asking to continue (vol-up) or cancel (vol-dwn). Then the screen with the android figure comes up with :
    Odin mode
    Product name SM-P600
    Current binar: samsung official
    system status; official
    Secure DL; enabled
    Knox warrantyvoid: 0
    RP SWREV: A3

    Ubder the Android figure:
    Downloading do not turn off target.
    This screen is on for about 4 hours now
    No indication of progress, where can I find what and how much has been downloaded?
    With the power button I aborted the andriod screen, system starts up normal, then again I initiated the factory DL

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    After a few weeks of struggling with this problem I decided to buy a new 10.1 Tab A; thanks for thinking along.

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    Galaxy Note 10.1

    The charging problem is caused by software, solved by reflashing

    Quote Originally Posted by jimjim123 View Post
    Dear all, I bought this 2014 edition in Sep 2014 and until recently it functioned without problems. But 2 months ago my daughter who is the regular user mentioned that battery life was decreasing in that capacity was going down and the tablet needed recharging almost twice a day. First we suspected the charger and replaced it. Went ok for a few weeks, then again no charging, red cross in battery symbol. So I thought bad battery and ordered and replaced it with a genuine 8220 mAh battery. Replacement was piece of cake with the tools supplied and a good youtube movie.
    But problems remained in that the battery would not charge. I checked multiple times if the flat cable connector was ok , the voltage at the flat cable socket with a 2A charger connected is OK, but still a red cross. System says: battery not charging (Settings-general-Battery) .Also the battery symbol popping up when the tablet is switched off and charger connected shows a 57 % charged battery with green level but above that solid green some green dots pop up as kind of noise?.
    So the next suspect was the charging port (the micro USB port) I ordered a replacement in China but after replacing the charging unit that did not solve the problem

    Android version is 5.1.1. Is this a hardware problem or (hopefully) a SW bug?
    Has anybody a clue?
    I had the same problem. I have two Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition (SM-P607T) tablets, and I had no charging problems with one of them, while the other at some point started to disable charging.
    The effect is as follows: when the charger is connected, the battery icon shows charging. It continues as long as the screen is on. When left alone, the screen goes dark and then the backlight is disabled.
    It stays in this state for about 30-60 seconds. Then the screen goes on again, now the lock screen appears on the display, and the charging symbol goes away. Then the screen goes down, and the current from
    charger goes to zero. With the default settings, the whole cycle is ~2minutes. If the charger is connected and disconnected again, the same cycle repeats.
    The tablet is charged normally when it was shut down. Interestingly, the charging current in this mode is ~500..600mA and it does not depend on charging voltage.
    The charging current in active state is ~1.1A at 5.0V and may go to 1.4A at 5.5V.
    The difference between the behavior of two tablets - the good one does not turn on the screen to show lock screem, and the bad one does it.
    I replaced the charging port, charger and played with different settings for charger (D+ and D- shorted, open, shorted and kept at 1.2V with 33K/10K resistive divider). The behavior did not change.
    Eventually my conclusion is that it was a software problem, it is some power management task which turns off the charging. I remember that such behavior started when it was OTA updated to Android 5.1.1.
    These are great tablets, and I was nor ready to give up. So I used Odin3 to reload the firmware:
    1. After reloading stock ROM P607TUVSBPL1_P607TTMB1BPL1_5.1.1 (which apparently was the same version as already installed) the behavior did not change
    2. I decided to flash the 4.4.4 firwmare P607TUVUANK2_P607TTMBANK2_P607TUVUANK2. It was flashed successfully and showed startup and T-mobile screen and sound and was stuck in this state for 10 minutes; I thought that it was enough for initialization and something is not functional.
    3. So I deceided to try 5.1.1 but for Verizon version of this tablet P605VVRSDPL1_P605VVZWDPL1. I am not sure if it was valid image, but Odin3 said that its check failed in the middle of programming. It was a risky attempt...
    4. Then I decided to put back the 5.1.1 firmware as my step 1 was successhul. Luckily, it succeeded and, surprise, the charging now works properly; the screen does not turn on at the time when it shows lock screen and the charging works with any charger!

    Final words/notes: The problem was in software; and I am not sure why step 1 did not succeed. Probably, there were some persistant storage locations which were not overwritten. Steps 2 and 3 probably washed the brains, and then the clean setup of the stock ROM did the job.
    The charging current and time strongly depends on the charher voltage and the voltage drop on the cable. Cheap thin Chnese cables sold everywhere have resistance of ~0.5-1Ohm, so the voltage drops to 4.7..4.5V at the charging port. Then the charging time goes to 20 hours.
    Get a good cable and (if possible) measure the resistance; 0.1Ohm or less is good. If the charger voltage is 5V (nominal) expect current at 0.9A out of which 0.5A goes to the processor and 0.4A to the battery. Given that the battery is around 8Ah, the charging time from empty to full will be 8/0.4=20h.
    If the charger can supply a bit more (5.2..5.5V) the share of the current that goes to battery goes up to ~0.8A so the time from empty to full is 10h.
    I was unable to reduce time or increase current with any tricks (black samsung charger, QualComm Quck charger 3.0, lab supply, resistors, etc.). The default setting for samsung dedicated charging port: the D- and D+ are shorted and connected to 5V with 33k and to ground with 10k resistor. However, when D- and D+ pins are floating, the charge current is also the same.
    So I am not sure if there is anything smart in this tablet, unlike newer Samsung products.

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