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    watching tv catchup

    my laptop is out of action,so I am using my tablet all the time.Is it possible to watch tv catchup shows using the tablet (tab2 )? If it is do I have to use any special settings or do I just log on...
  2. Thread: USB On The Go

    by Alfreda

    USB On The Go

    H,i I wondered if someone could help/advise me please.I am using my tablet more for travel and entertainment (watching movies etc when I travel).I am
    looking at buying a data traveler micro duo usb...
  3. Help Using Tab2 10.1 with a Computerised Sewing Machine

    I would like to use my tab2 10.1 with my sewing machine.
    I have files (embroidery designs) on a USB stick,that need to be transferred onto the computerised sewing machine (Brother 1500D)for me to...
  4. Sticky: Hi, Im having fun re educating myself to the "new...

    Hi, Im having fun re educating myself to the "new age computing".Having used a PC for quite a while the tablet is a completly new toy.I bought mine to replace my laptop. Im getting ready for my trip...
  5. Thread: E books

    by Alfreda

    E books

    Hi, I am completly new to this type of tablet ( I usually swallow am an avid reader of ebooks,Ive downloaded Kindle and some ebooks.Can I create a folder on the home page to open a...
  6. Sticky: I was looking at reviews for the Tab2 and saw an...

    I was looking at reviews for the Tab2 and saw an ad for the site.I thought ok,I should join due to the information given to users of a product. I bought a tab 2 yesterday (to replace my laptop) and...
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